Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Claw A Bitch..

Hey Girlys Thought Id Do A Other Outfit 
I Got To Say Im Loving This Hair Comes With Fast Mask Cat Ears Or Bunny
New Stuff Featuring SuDollz
Happy Shopping <3 Vixen

On Me

Hair- Beusy: Presage Greyscale Dye 
Top- .Shi : Tie.T - Cropped Top {Black} 
BodySuit- .:Vein:. Ninja Wrap BodySuit
Shoes-  A*S Thigh heels v1 
Shoulder Pads- G.ID-Aethon Shoulder-Grey Black (unpacked) Sudollz
Tattoo- DAPPA - Spirit Tattoo. [WEAR ME] 
Face Chian- .DirtyStories. Barbed Headchain Sudollz 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

My Other Half That Makes Me Feel Safe And Happy..

Hello Ladies And Gents Here Is A Blog Post Thought Id Do 
With My Partner Hope You Guys Like It
Happy Shopping <3 Vixen

On Me

Hair- TRUTH HAIR Olinda -  variety
BodySuit- .:Vein:. Ninja Wrap BodySuit Fishnet & Dark 
Top- IAF Spiked Harness Bra (Black) MP
Harness- Violent Seduction - Siccus Harness (Black) (unpacked) 
Shoes- A*S Thigh heels v1(MESH)_(WEAR ME)  
Shoulder Pads- {PopTart} The Messenger Shoulder Piece Bloggers
Hat- Violent Seduction - Femme Felis Hat (Black) Gotcha Kawaii Project 
Claws- Violent Seduction- Femme Felis Claws (Gold) Gotcha Kawaii Project 
Garter- Violent Seduction - Femme Felis Sock Set (Black) Gotcha Kawaii Project 
Tattoo- DAPPA - Spirit Tattoo. [WEAR ME] 

On Ivann

Tattoo - .Reckless. -  Ink King 
Crown - RO - Lich Crown
Vest - C L A Vv. Sandstorm Grunge Vest M
Mask - [ContraptioN] Masks: Mata Ketiga 
Scarf - [BODY FACTORY] Urban Mask (Black) 
Belt - PFC~NinjaStuffs - Ninjutsu belt Gotcha 
Pants - :ENIGMA: Smuggler Pants Black 
Body wraps - [CX] Wraps System Layers 
Katana sheath - PFC~Yoru 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Here Kitty..

Hey Girly's Sorry For Not Blogging Much Due To Summer
But Here You Go Hope You Like It <3
Happy Shopping <3 Vixen

On Me

Hair- Lamb. True Love Waits - Variety Pack NEW N21 
Top- {joli} Graphic Tees (Blogger Pack) SuDollz Ty<3 
Pants- .:Vein:. Rock That Sheer -Black- 
Shoes- Flite. Yacht Shoes - Fatpack - Uber TY<3 
Bag- FLite. - Travelers Bag - Fatpack - Unpack Uber TY<3 
Bow- Spellbound Adored Bow 
Whiskers- *Epic* Colorable Whiskers! 

Monday, June 22, 2015


Hey Girlys Check Out This Cute Dress From Wayne Now At
Alice In SexyLand Stop On By Lots Of Really Cute Stuff
Happy Shopping <3 Vixen

On Me

Hair- Exile::Twist and Shout: 7. Wildcards Arcade 
Dress- WAYNE / Mia Dress Alice In Sexyland 
Tights- .:Vein:. Caged BodySuit White  
Shoes- -Pixicat- Unicorn.Heels (BlackWhite) Old Item From C88 
Butterfly- .::DMD::. Animated Butterfly 12 Colours with Menu MP

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Two Of A Kind..

Hey Girly's SuDollz Is Open Today Make Sure To Stop By And Check
Out All There Items.. Also Two New Hairs From Burley On Mp Babs II And Starla
Happy Shopping <3 Vixen

On Me

Hair- [BURLEY]_Starla_Platinums (wear) NEW 
Jacket- Blueberry Nicole - Mesh - Shoulder Jackets & Tank Tops Black
Dress- [I<3F] Kasumi Dress SuDollz TY<3 
BodySuit - .:Vein:. Ninja Wrap BodySuit NEW
Mask- T.W. Dia De Los Muertos Blogger box Sudollz TY<3 
Shoes- [CX] Sexy Massacre Onyx (unpacked) 

Hair- MOON // Hair // Essentials - Gamer
Top- .epoch. [touch me] - halfpast tank - anw pack SuDollz TY<3 
Panties-FnH Knickers Sinful (WEAR) SuDollz TY<3 
Glasses- DAZED. - Azoth Glasses Onyx (wear) 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

What To Wear..

On Me

Hair-   [taketomi]_Junko_Fatpack (wear) 
Top- Lolita - Melody Top Pink TY<3 AnyBody 
Panties- :FY: Sweet Panties TY<3
Stockings- *HolliPocket* Cake Cake Skirt & Play Wif Me Stocking-FullPocket TY<3 AIS
Garter- *HolliPocket* Bowtiful Choker & Garter-FullPocket TY<3 AIS

Hair- [taketomi]_Rika_Platinums (wear) 
Top- :FY: Dots Top AnyBody Ty<3
Shorts- Lolita - Denim Panty Shorts Black Anybody Ty<3 
Shoes- Flite . xRookies - Fatpack TY<3 TBOS 


On Me

Hair- Moon. Hair // - Variety - Obedear Kustom9 
Top- -Pixicat- Metal.Top (Shade)
Pants- .:villena:. - H/W Leggings SplicedBlackV2 
Shoes- .HW. Aura - Heels (wear) TY <3 SuDollz 
Tattoo- **UrbanStreet** SXE Tattoo--(BLOGGERS) TY<3  
Nose Ring- Aitui -Bull Horn Septum Percing Classic 
Shoulder Pads- .{ mpc }. Studded Shoulder . Black&Silver Mp
Goggles- [n.i] astro.oculus.black IDK 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Pani Cutie..

Hey Girly's New Post Thought Id Do Something Cute And Pani
And Im Loving This Hair 
Happy Shopping <3 Vixen

On Me

Hair- [sYs] HANAYO Hair - DARK Pack (Accessory Color HUD)
Jacket- -tb- Summer Kimono - Casual (unpacked) 
Bodysuit- .:Vein:. Foxy Body Suit Red (Contact Me) Or Check Mp
Shoe- [CX] Sasu Geta Short (Black) Box (WEAR) (unpacked) 
Tattoo- DAPPA - Spirit Tattoo. [WEAR ME] 
Shield- =Kio= Aztec Shield - Asian 
Tears- ++NODe++TEARS
Nail- SuPerBia >Nails AddOn PoliShed ELEGANT 1<Bag TY<3
Lips- [[ CR ]]Nyam Nyam (Wear to unpack) 

Monday, June 15, 2015


Hey Girls Store Is Still Not Up InWorld
But Here Is New BodySuit I Made Hope You Like It
Comes In Two Versions FishNet And Dark
Happy Shopping <3 Vixen

On Me

Hair- .Olive. the Powder Hair - Naturals 
Top- :::LP::: Kimono_Blouse - Black 
BodySuit- .:Vein:. Ninja Wrap BodySuit (Dark) NEW  MP
Shoes- Blah. (My Elevated Getas) Latex Black (SLINK High Feet) 
Hat- PFC~NinjaStuffs -Kasa 1 
Amour- PFC~AKUMA Full Set (Gotcha)
Nails- [CX] Lethal Talons (Gold) (unpacked) 
Necklace- [The Forge] Aura Collar, (Box) 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Live Life Be Single Fuck Everyone Else..

On Me

Hair- Moon. Hair // - Variety - Rajana 
Jacket- Peqe - Rock_Black 
Pants- [ abrasive ] Faux Leather High Waist Leggings Sudollz 
Vest- [The Forge] Plaid Vest (Gold), (Box) 
Leg Amour- [The Forge] Cadeyrn Leg Armour Female (Gold) (Box) 

Monday, June 8, 2015

Never Know What To Wear..

Hey Girlys New Round At SuDollz Come Check It Out 
Happy Shopping <3 Vixen

On Me

Hair- Moon. Hair // - Variety - Creep 
Jacket- **UrbanStreet** Litt Jacket Blogger Sudollz Ty<3 
Pants- RARE +Crimson Japants SMALL + .boxed. {aii} 
BodySuit- .:Vein:. (Coming Soon)
Shoes- [CX] Sasu Geta Short (Black) Box (WEAR) (unpacked) 
Blindfold- =Kio= Abandoned - Honor
Nails- [CX] Lethal Talons (Gold) (unpacked) 

Hair- .Olive. the Crash Hair 
Dress- {Joli} Blitz Jumper SuDollz TY<3 
Shoes- T.W Matrix Stomps Sudollz

Thursday, June 4, 2015

China Doll..

Hey Girlys New Outfit Out On Mp
Hope You Girl Like It Sim If Down For Now
Till I Get It Set Up

Happy Shopping <3 Vixen

On Me

Outfit- .:Vein:. China Doll (Wearing) Red & Gold NEW
Shoes- Yasum*MESH*Geta*Blogger Pack FGC TY<3
Hair Chips- *May's Soul* Loto hair stick black (MOD)
Hair- .Olive. the Steamer Hair - Crazy Glitter 

Ive Got A Girl Crush..

On Me

Hair- +Spellbound+ Melody (Riot) // Chapter I : Earth Arcade 
Corset- -Pixicat- Temptation.Corset - Red nr.3 (xxs) Arcade 
Pants- .:Vein:. High For This -Black 
Shoes- Yasum*MESH*Geta*Blogger Pack TY<3 FGC 
Mask- [monso] My Goth Set - Black Moto Mask Old Tag Gotcha
Sheild - =Kio= Aztec Shield - Asian Epic RARE 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


On Me

Hair- (EPOQUE HAIR) Follower - Universal 
Vest-  -tb- Summer Kimono - Casual (unpacked) 
Dress- .::Dead Dollz::. Kunoichi Black for We<3RP MP 
Tights- .:Vein:. Sheer Tights (Coming Soon) 
Shoes- [CX] Trapped Sakura Clogs (Dark) (unpacked) 
Guarders- PFC - Akuma Left - Right Greave FGC 
Wings Shield- =Kio= Aztec Shield - Crow Epic Rare 
Eyes- [Buzz] Bewitched Eyes - Chocolate 
Lipstick- Go&See * CB * Nyam Outch Lipsticks (unpacked) TY<3 
Collar- (epoque.s) Neo Classicist Collar // Studded - White