Wednesday, May 25, 2016

LOTD 914..

Hair- Love [High by the beach] [Blogger Pack] 
Outfit- *HolliPocket* Modedy Camisk-DARKGREY TFC 
Belt- .random.Matter. - Jace Belt - Noir ((BOXED))
Head Chain- .random.Matter. - Aridius Circlet Gacha Old Item 
Necklace- .random.Matter. - Seyline Necklace - Onyx  TDSF3 
Glasses- DAZED. - Rowdy Glasses Raven (wear) 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How Deep Is Yo Love..

Hey Girlys New Stuff Featuring Kitja And Spirit At Uber
Also Dont For Get To Check Out SuDollz Body Suit Is Featured There By Nana
Happy Shopping <3 Vixen

Hair- [taketomi]_Junko_Fatpack (wear) 
Top- KITJA - Catty Outfit Uber  TY<3
Jacket- KITJA - Catty Outfit Uber TY<3
Shorts- SPIRIT - Kelsi shorts [FAT PACK] Uber  TY<3
Pants- SPIRIT - Kelsi pants harness [FAT PACK] Uber  TY<3
Cap- (tip UP) -PRANK- NAKED (single) Black&White 
Shoes- -[TrevaH]- Exclusive SuDollz TY<3

Hair- Moon. Hair // - B&W - Code Uma 
Outfit- Nana - Morgan Harness Bodysuit FATPACK {wear me} SuDollz TY<3
Shoes- :PC: Alyssa Boots
Harness & Weapons - :: Brutal Weapons ::: Desert Eagles 

Monday, May 23, 2016


Hair- TRUTH HAIR Coco -  black & whites 
Outfit- _CandyDoll_Whitney Dress Peach  Whimsical 
Necklace- .random.Matter. - Seyline Necklaces for Bloggers  TDSF3 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Just Another Day..

Hey Girlys New Post Featuring SuDollz And Love Hair
Make Sure To Stop On By <3
Happy Shopping <3 Vixen

Hair- Love [Beauty Kills] [Blogger Pack] TFC TY<3
Top- akoko long pull bloggers SuDollz  TY<3
Pants- .:Vein:. High Waisted Pants (FatPack)
Necklace- .random.Matter. - Seyline Necklaces for Bloggers TDSF3 TY<3
MeshHead- Genesis_Head_Ingrid_2.0_Vampire RARE TDSF3  TY<3

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Ok Your Pretty Your Face Is A Work Of Art..

Hey Girly's New Post With All New Items
From TDSF3 And Whimsical Stop On By Go Nuts lol...
Im So In Love With This Mesh  Head..
Happy Shopping <3 Vixen

Hair- Love [Wandering Love] [Blogger Pack] Whimsical TY<3
Outfit- MoDANNA [Cruella Collection] Asymmetric Strapless Black TDSF3  TY<3
Shoes- Petite Mort- Desdemonia SLINK HIGH (boxed)  TDSF3  TY<3
Nose Ring- Bokeh Blogpack: The Dark Style Fair 3: Padlock Septum & Earring  TDSF3  TY<3
Mesh Head- 01 Genesis_Head_Ingrid_2.0_Vampire RARE  TDSF3  TY<3
Skin For Mesh Head- HUD- Genesis_ Lab Skin Ingrid HUMAN  TDSF3  TY<3
Necklace- .random.Matter. - Seyline Necklaces for Bloggers  TDSF3  TY<3

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Classy Girl..

Hair- ~Tableau Vivant~ Sherilyn - Blonds (unpacked) 
Outfit- T&S - Magda Dress *Add Me* TDSF3  TY<3
Shoes- Petite Mort- Desdemonia SLINK HIGH (boxed) TDSF3  TY<3
Mesh Head- 01 Genesis_Head_Ingrid_2.0_Vampire RARE TDSF3  TY<3
Skin On Mesh Head- Genesis_Head_Ingrid_2.0_HUMAN TDSF3  TY<3
Necklace- .random.Matter. - Seyline Necklaces for Bloggers TDSF3  TY<3


Hey Girlys TDSF3 Is Open If You Have Not Yet Gone
By I Must Say Im Loving This New Genesis Mesh Head
Im Not Really A Fan Of Mesh Heads But This One I Do Love
Its Not Overly Big On My Small Avi And Her Face Is Just A Beauty
Leggings Coming Soon FatPack On Mp Watch Out For Them
Happy Shopping <3 Vixen

Hair- TRUTH HAIR Ximena -  variety
Top- [AB] Look at me Top Black TDSF3 TY<3
Pants- .:Vein:. High Waisted Pants (FatPack) Coming Soon
Mesh Head- 01 Genesis_Head_Ingrid_2.0_Vampire RARE  TDSF3 TY<3
Collar-  Cute Poison - Adored Collar Set Blogger Pack (unpacked) TDSF3 TY<3

Monday, May 16, 2016

I Will Cut A Bitch..

Hey Girlys New Hair From Love Check It Out
Link Below Also If You Have Not Yet Gone To Dark Fair
Its Open Now Ladies Lots Of Really Dark Stuff
Happy Shopping <3 Vixen

Hair- Love [Gossip Gazim] [Greyscale]TY<3
Top- Foxes - Festival - Tassled Tank - Hand (unpacked) C88
Skirt- :::insanya::: BeltSkirt - Blogger Pack (Physique/Maitreya) TDSF3 TY<3
Leggings- *HolliPocket* Deathly Leggings TDSF3 TY<3
Face Mask- Nana - Kaneki Black Pack {wear me} (unpacked) TDSF3 TY<3
Shadow- Veechi - Umbra Dusk Shadow TDSF3 TY<3

Saturday, May 14, 2016

This Brows Are On Fleek..

Hair- Moon. Hair // - Variety - Obedear 
Top- FATPACK - RINKA - Naina Skirt+TOP TY<3
Pants- KITJA -  Celena Outfit Uber TY<3
Shoes- REIGNxFLITE- Classics- Black (Canvas) 
Tattoo- { Speakeasy } Haya Tattoo (unpacked) TDSF3  TY<3
Mesh Head- Genesis_Head_Ingrid_2.0_HUMAN TDSF3  TY<3
Necklace- :: D-Style - Magical Pendant MYTH :: TDSF3  TY<3


Hey Girlys The Dark Style Fair 3 Is Now Open
Stop On By If You Love This Mesh Head You Can
Find It There In The Gotcha U Can Remove The Vampire Teeth And Tongue 
And Wear It Normal With Some Teeth Of Your Own And It Looks 
Really Nice I My Self Think She Did A Great Job On This Mesh Head Nice Full Lips
Happy Shopping <3 Vixen

Hair- Truth Hair Coco White & Blacks 
Mesh Head- Genesis_Head_Ingrid_2.0_Vampire RARE TDSF3 TY<3
Outfit- Third Eye. Lonely Soul [Fatpack/Blogger Pack] TDSF3 TY<3
Shoes- phedora. Angelica Boots 21 Colors ( wear me ) TDSF3 TY<3
Tattoo- { Speakeasy } Haya Tattoo (unpacked) TDSF3 TY<3
Lipstick- Hud_Genesis Lab LipStick Nocturnelle TDSF3 TY<3
Eye Shadow- Hud_ Genesis Lab Eyeshadow Dutchess TDSF3 TY<3

Friday, May 13, 2016

Pillow Talk..

Hey Girls Get Ready For The Dark Style Fair 3
Opening May 14th.. Get Ready To Steal Your Mans Wallet
Break The Bank lol
Happy Shopping <3 Vixen

Hair- [taketomi]_Ana_II_Platinums (wear) 
Top- Legal Insanity - Kendall chain harness TDSF3 TY<3
Panties- Chemical Princess {Marta Bikini}/add to unpack/
Garter- .aisling. Khatel Old Gotcha 
Crown- .aisling. Shynila - Crown RARE Old Gotcha 
Shoulder Pads- Storybook - Morrigan - Raven TDSF3  TY<3
Face Bars & Tattoo- [CURELESS+HEADACHE] Barbedwire Kiss Set / BLOGGERS TDSF3 TY<3
Skin- Go&See * Lola * FATPACK  TDSF3 TY<3
Lamp- Ariskea[DarkVeins] Silk Lily Lamp[Fatpack] TDSF3 TY<3

Thursday, May 12, 2016


Hey Girlys Guess What Go&See Finally Has Catwa Skin Applier
For All You Mesh Lover's But Dont Be Said She Also Made Them
For Classic Avatar's And Lovers Of Mesh Lips Like Me <3
Skin Will Be At The Dark Fair May 14th
Featuring Outfit Item From Holli Pocket At Fantacy Fair
 Happy Shopping <3 Vixen

On Me 

Hair- Moon. Hair // - Variety - Half of You 
Outfit- *HolliPocket* Sweetest Sin Outfit/Phased Out Tat @ FGC TY<3 
Skin- Go&See * Lola * FATPACK for May 14th TDSF3 TY<3 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Se Termino Lo Nuestro..

Hey Girlys New Post Featuring New Items From
SuDollz.. Now Open With Lots Of  Really Nice Stuff This Round
Happy Shopping <3 Vixen

Hair- TRUTH HAIR Coco -  black & whites 
Top- .Epoch. Aunna tank  SuDollz  TY<3
Under Outfit- [I<3F] Latex Body [04] SuDollz TY<3
Shoes- REIGN.- Bow Pumps w/Socks- Black (unpacked) 
Pushy- BLACK HAUS - Cutie Skull Gacha Blogger SuDollz TY<3
Freckles- :Z.S: Rainbow Freckles (unpacked) SuDollz TY<3
EyeBags- V.Sinister EyeBags 
Collar- Violetility - Beloved Collar SuDollz TY<3

Sunday, May 8, 2016


Hey Ladies New Stuff Featuring Items From C88
Stop On By Check Out This New Round Items.
Happy Shopping <3 Vixen

Hair- Lamb. Silly Love Light Blonde Pack 88 
Top- Foxes - Festival - Tassled Tank - Dream Mint (unpacked) 88
Shorts- SPIRIT - Hip outfit 88 TY<3
Shoes- MANIK QUEEN Savannah Sandals - HUD I (unpacked) 
Bag- Moon}. Boho Bag Gacha! - Yazzy gotcha
EyeBags- * V. Sinister Store * Eye Bags Vein
Lips- VCO ~ Nina Skin {pack} 
Skin- VCO ~ Nina Mesh Lip {pack} 

Thursday, May 5, 2016


Hey Girlys... Been a while i know i dont blog as much
as i use too but i hope u like this post featuring some items from Spirit Store
At Uber stop by alots of really nice items this round.
Happy Shopping <3 Vixen

Hair- Blues. Allie - Naturals 2
Top- SPIRIT - Lova top [FAT PACK] Uber
Pants- SPIRIT - Lova jeans [FAT PACK] Uber 
Shoes- REIGN.- Ari Boots- Black 
Cap- (tip UP) -PRANK- BLACK ARMY (single) BLACK 
Eye Makeup- *V.Sinister Store* High Wing White Liner Tintable 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Hair- little bones. Pia - The Dark (unpacked) Uber 
Top- .epoch. trouble top / TDR TY<3
Skirt- *HolliPocket* BabyDolly Ruffle Outfit  Gacha Garden TY<3
Shoes- REIGNxFLITE- Classics- Black (Canvas) 
Tattoo- [ TattooMania - ** Soul ink  - UNISEX ** ]  TY<3