Friday, March 21, 2014

Talk To Me Nerdy..

Hey Everyone Thought Id Blog This Cute Boots
From Geek There At The Luck of The Irish 
And this Wand & Crown From Holli.

On Me

Hair- *Milk* Hair~ Tokyo(BUN PIG TAILS) WC3 TY<3 
HeadBand- HolliPocket Princess Holli Band Pink Solid Luck Irish  TY<3 
Wand- HolliPocket Princess Cand Wand Sorbet Hawaiian Delight Rare  Luck Irish  TY<3
Collar- [geek.] Got Capped Collar Pak -Black- SD TY<3
Top- Alterego I half tee - talknerdy 
Short-  Bishes Inc. ~ Booty Shorts Denim RIpped (unpacked) 
Socks- L!KE - My Shredded Thigh Highs [BRIGHTS]  SD TY<3
Shoes- [geek.] Worn-Out Puddle Hoppers -VIP Blogger's Pak Luck Irish TY<3
BellyRings- Cute Poison - TDTH 4 Gift (unpacked) OLD
BellyRings2- .Pekka. Geni Diamond Pelvis Piercing [SILVER]
Braclet- tapi :: cashmere wrap (UNPACK) SD TY<3
Booty- ** Cute Azz