Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Once Upon A Time..

Hello Everyone Uber Is Now Open With This Cute
New Hair Style From Truth Also Got This
Really Cute Corset From Junbug At Uber
Happy Shopping <3 Vixen
On Me
 Skin- Go & See * Leo *  Fatpack * Wear me to unpack (unpacked) TY<3 
 Hair- TRUTH HAIR Vixen -  variety UBER 
 Outfit- *{Junbug}* Anastasia Corset [Blush] UBER
 Shoes- ::*Etoile*::Ballet Shoes -Soft Powder- MP
 Crown- +Spellbound+ Gwendalynn // Pastels {WEAR} Part of Hair
 Necklace- *Epic* Melty Heart.Lock Necklace {Caramel.Gold} [Vendor] TY<3 
 Wind Up- Antique Gold Barrel Key V3 MP
On Allan
crown:  ISON - royal crown (gold) Hair Fair 2014
hair:  TRUTH HAIR Tom -  black & whites
outfit:  {KD} Kahli Designs - Royal Rainment - Grey