Sunday, November 30, 2014

Something To Look At..

Hello Ladies So I Thought Id Do A Blog
Post With My Good Friend Chris Know All The Girls Will
Love Seeing Him hehehehe
Happy Shopping <3 Vixen
On Me

Hair- MOON // Hair // Essentials - Gamer Geeks N Nerds
Hat- {PopTart} Snap!Back (Rude)
Jacket- Joli.  Occult Varsity Jacket SuDollz Ty<3
Shoes- FLite. -Skyhigh Megapack TY<3
On Chris
Hair: [INK] Hair_HOMIE
Hat: FLite. -Lux Strapback
Jeans: MUSCHI HotBoy Jeans ::
Waist Shirt: flow. Sweatshirt T - 7