Monday, April 20, 2015

What To Wear..

Hey Girls Thought Id Do A Blog Together Today
Snice I Didnt Know What To Put On But I Loved How Both Outfit Looked
So Here You Go Ladies
Happy Shopping <3 Vixen

Shape- MY OWN
Hair-  TRUTH HAIR Bijou -  variety 
Top- *HolliPocket* Cookie Cutter Top-FullPocket  NEW BlackFair TY<3 
Pants- {joli} Faded Tartan Baggies - FatPack TY<3
Shoes- Flite . Classic WingTips - Fatpack  NEW At Men's Only Coming Soon TY<3

Hair- .Olive. the Harvest Hair 
Outfit- KITJA - Eva Dress BLUE   NEW BlackFair TY<3
Shoes- Flite . Classic WingTips - Fatpack- Men's Only Coming Soon NEW TY<3