Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Day I Saw You Again

Hey girls if u have not yet checked out sudollz u should 
go stop by before this round is over.. also check out luck of the Irish Before its Gone.
Happy Shopping <3 Vixen

Hair- [taketomi]_Kaho_Platinums (wear) 
Top- *HolliPocket* BunnehFu Sockies-BLOGGER  Luck of Irish TY<3 
Shorts- *HolliPocket* BunnehFu Sockies-BLOGGER  Luck of Irish  TY<3 
Straps- *MUKA* Leg Strap - Blogger Pack Whore Courture   TY<3 
Collar- Chemical Princess {Vanity Choker White}/add to unpack/  SuDollz   TY<3