Thursday, October 16, 2014

Mesh Bodies My Point Of View..

Hello Ladies First Of I Thought Id Do A Review
On All The Mesh Bodies I Have Bought In The Pass.
And Let You Know What I Like And What Are The Down
Falls For Me Okay Lets Get Started..
Okay Lets Get Started First Of Id Like To Say That I Love This Body
Loving The Fact That You Can Use Your Slink Hands & Feet Or With There Hands And Feet
Which I Love The Belleza Hands Comes With Lots Of Hand Gestures You Don't
Have To Worry Of Attaching Different Hands  Just By A Click You Can Change Your
Hands Or Feet Look.. That Being Said Down Fall Is On The Slink Hands
On The Belleza Body It Don't Fit Right Unless You Put Your Muscle Mass Arms
At 50 Which I Don't Like Makes Me Look Like The Hulk LOL Due To My
Avi Being Tiny Fun Size As You Call It.. Other Down Fall Is That Belleza Body Feet And Hands
You Cant Apply The Skin Texture On Them Not Even With The
Omega Hud But You Could Use The Skin Applier Omega On You Belleza Body
And It Would Work Fine.. Also The Alpha Layers I Thought Is Really Good Though I Wish It Had A Half Part Of The Breast Area in To Part So That You Can Wear You Tube Top Mesh Cloth...
Another Good Thing I Found Out Is That With The Omega Applier Hud You Can Wear Your Phat Azz Or UL Clothing Which That Makes Me Really Happy Knowing I Dont Have To Shop For New Cloth Though I Wish There Was More Store That Would Carry The Omega Appliers For The Tops And Bottoms Very Few Stores I Know Of Making Them But If You Know How To Edit NoteCard From The Phat Azz In To Your UL Ghetto Booty Its The Same Thing For The Omega Hud :D
AnyWays Spoke To The Owner Of Belleza Asked Her If There Would Be An Update For
The Slink Hands And Feet To Fit The Body Shape Or If There Was Going To Be A Belleza Hud Applier For There Hands And Feet Owner Said There Would Be An Update Soon
And They Would Be Sending Out A Kit For All You Talented People Who Love Making There
Own Cloth I Know I Do :D So That Being Said I LOVE This Mesh Body A lot I Just Cant Wait
For The Update See If They Fix The Slinks And Neck Area :D
BELLEZA Venus Body
1. -Belleza- Venus *BOXED* NEW
Okay So When I First Got The Wowmeh Body I Loved It A lot It Fit Good Shape
Looks Good Too Comes With There Feet And Hands Though You Cant Find Shoes For This
Also The Wowmeh Body They No Longer Sale It But When I Got It I Loved It
Though The Boobies I Think They Look A Bit Odd From The Side And Front View
Love How They Did The Booty Shape And Hips Neck Is Good To Fits Well
With Your SL Avatar Head But Not A lot Of Alpha Layers For All Your Mesh Clothing
Now For The Project Mesh Body I Like It A lot But I Hate The Fact That  The Feet Are So Tiny
You Cant Wear Any Type Of Slink Shoes With It But There Own Shoes From There Store
The Hands They Give You Are Nice Fits Well And I Love How The Boobies Look So Nice And
Perky And The Booty Is Perfect Too.. Down Fall The Feet I Really Don't Mind Using There Hands
But I Got To Wear Me My Slink Shoes.. Neck Fits Really Good On SL Avi Body
Alpha Layers On ProjectMesh Very Good You Can Remove The Front Pant Or If
You Just Need To Remove The Back Area You Can Do That Too..
TheMesh Project Body & WowMeh
2.  #TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body(f) 
3. ~WowMeh - Style
Okay So Now For The Slink Mesh Body What Can I Say It Fits Just Right
Knowing That Its Slink Yes It Fits LoL With Your Hands And Feet
My Point Of View On This Body I Myself Dont Like How The Hips Area Look Or
The Knee Area In The Middle Lots Of Space There. Boobie Shape Its Alright
I Like More Of The Lola View On The Bodys So For This Boobies I Myself Dont Like The Shape
I Love The Butt Shape That Looks Really Good I Do Love It Also Because I Can Use
All My Slink Shoes And My Tattoos Gloves All That :D
Mesh Bodies

4. Slink Physique Mesh Body
OMGGGGGG Did I Just Write All Of That O.o I Hope You Liked The Pictures And My Point
Of View On The Mesh Bodies I Have All This Ive Bought With My Own Money Also
Just Wanted To Let You All Know If I Said Something About The Bodies That Looked Bad Sorry
But This Was My Way Of Thinking On How It Looks On Me And My Shape Some People Love
Slink,Some Wowmeh Or Project Mesh But As For Me I Really Like Belleza How It Fits On Me
Thanks A lot Vixen Sinister :D If You Have Any Questions Or Whatever You Can Contact
Me Inword Id Be More Then Happy To Reply :D Aphroditelust Resident