Friday, October 17, 2014

Toss Me A Bone..

Hello Ladies OMGGGG Okay That Said I Love
This New Spellbound Hair Grrrrr Cant Wait To
Get It Soon Will Be At The TAG Gotcha
But Its At Main Store For Demo
With This Event You Need To Wear A Hud
If Not It Wont Let You Buy It
Happy Shopping <3 Vixen
Hair- +Spellbound+ Velvet Tag Gotcha
Top- :FY: Bone Me Cropped Tee TBH TY<3
Panties- -SU!- Comfort Panties Black (Wear Me)
Stockings- G.ID-Bone Garter-Skeleton TBH TY<3
Cuffs- :Diamante: Deviant Cuffs - RLV - MP
Tattoo- .Reckless. Stipe Body Expo TY<3
Collar- [LDP] Angel de la Muerte Accessories TBH TY<3